Thursday, 16 July 2015

Natural Skin Care

Skin Care treatment at Nilayoram
The Skin is one of the most important sense organ in the human body. The skin is considered as the mirror of inner health of a person. Through the skin we can sense the touch, pain, temperature, pressure.There are many diseases that make problems to the skin. In Kerala Ayurveda Tour Packages, the resorts of Kerala provides many types of treatments to get healthy and beautiful skin. This skin care treatment includes cleansing, nourishing and protecting the skin.
The Ayurvedic medicines used for skin care treatment includes herbal plants, flowers, oils and natural minerals. Drinking clean and fresh water results in good skin. Ayurvedic skin care depends upon the skin type of the person. According to Ayurveda there are 4 types of skin, they are Vata Skin, Pitta Skin, Kapha Skin anc Combination Skin. Nilayoram Ayurvedic Resort located in Thrissur in Kerala provides excellent skin care treatment. 

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Yoga To Increase Children Immunity

Today in the fast moving world we know that not only the adults but also the children also suffering from Stress and Tension too. Tension about their Academics, exams and problems in the houses also affect the children. Dejection and lack of confidence are common among children today, due to the intense competition which they have to face.
Today Yoga is practiced all over the world for healthy life. Kerala Ayurveda Tour Packages provides certain yoga classes for children for their immunity and health development. Nilayoram Ayurvedic Resort provide excellent yoga classes for children.

Vir - asana - This helps to build more confidence in children.
Pranayam - This are breathing exercises that helps for mental relaxation and feel well refreshed throughout the day.
Simh - asana - this improves fearlessness and confidence in children.
Swastik - asana - This provide a feeling of security from all worldly emotional pains like exams, sadness due to a fight with a friend etc.
Trataka Karma - this enhances the concentration levels of children and also helps boost their memory power.
By practising this Yogasana excellent improvement can be seen.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Treatment and Prevention in Kerala Ayurveda

Classical Ayurveda deals with surgery, but contemporary Ayurveda extends to emphasise  attaining vitality by building a health metabolic system and maintaining good digestion and excretion.

Eight Components in Ayurveda 

Ayurveda are derived from classical Sanskrit literature, in which Ayurveda was called "the science of eight components". The components are

  • Kayachikitsa (general medicine): "cure of diseases affecting the body".
  • Kaumāra-bhṛtya and Bala Roga: deals with the treatment of children
  • Shalya tantra deals with surgical techniques.
  • Śālākya-tantra (ophthalmology) deals with diseases of the teeth, eye, nose, ear etc.
  • Bhuta-vidya deals with the causes, which are not directly visible and not directly explained by tridosha, pertaining to micro-organisms or spirits.
  • Agada-tantra deals with antidotes to poison.
  • Rasayana-tantra (Geriatrics)/(Anti Agings) : deals with rejuvenation.
  • Vajikarana tantra (aphrodisiacs) deals with healthy and desired progeny.

  • Ayruvedic tradition holds that five elements -- space, air, fire, water and earth -- make up the Earth. Each element is associated with certain principles, which in the human body create a unique pattern, called your dosha. 

    Ayurveda Kerala, common spices are utilized in treatment, as well as herbs and herbal mixtures, and special preparations known as Rasayanas are used for rejuvenation, promotion of longevity, and slowing of the aging process. A group of purification procedures known as Panchakarma removes toxins from the physiology. Ayurveda's comprehensive approach, emphasis on prevention, and ability to manage chronic disorders that its widespread use would improve the health status of the world's population.

    Wednesday, 18 March 2015

    Tourism in Kerala and Ayurveda

    Let's start a enjoyable tour to Kerala, the ayurveda capital of India for relaxing your mind, body and soul. Kerala Ayurveda is one of the major step in tourism in Kerala. The word  "Ayurveda" means "Science of Life". Ayurveda was originated since 5000 years ago.

    The Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala can be mainly classified into two  as Santarpan and Apatarpan. Santarpan demands the process of rejuvenation therapies which increases the immunity, happiness, longevity and peace of mind. Apartapan belongs to the process or removing toxins from the    body .Ayurveda treatment is based on vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, plants and other natueral resources. The main point which Ayurveda makes protective and primitive health treatment in the world.

    Nilayoram  Resorts & Ayurvedic Centre brings a hybrid value in the field of Tourism in Kerala with efficient to Ayurveda.  Nilayoram  Resorts & Ayurvedic Centre in Cheruthuruthy, Thrissur is an oasis of serenity at the banks of Bharathapuzha river with lustrous greenery in sylvan seurroundings with peace. Nilayoram  Resorts & Ayurvedic Centre  and Kerala Ayurveda tour helps to strengthening the immune system and curing diseases without any side effects.