Thursday, 16 July 2015

Natural Skin Care

Skin Care treatment at Nilayoram
The Skin is one of the most important sense organ in the human body. The skin is considered as the mirror of inner health of a person. Through the skin we can sense the touch, pain, temperature, pressure.There are many diseases that make problems to the skin. In Kerala Ayurveda Tour Packages, the resorts of Kerala provides many types of treatments to get healthy and beautiful skin. This skin care treatment includes cleansing, nourishing and protecting the skin.
The Ayurvedic medicines used for skin care treatment includes herbal plants, flowers, oils and natural minerals. Drinking clean and fresh water results in good skin. Ayurvedic skin care depends upon the skin type of the person. According to Ayurveda there are 4 types of skin, they are Vata Skin, Pitta Skin, Kapha Skin anc Combination Skin. Nilayoram Ayurvedic Resort located in Thrissur in Kerala provides excellent skin care treatment. 

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