Thursday, 9 July 2015

Yoga To Increase Children Immunity

Today in the fast moving world we know that not only the adults but also the children also suffering from Stress and Tension too. Tension about their Academics, exams and problems in the houses also affect the children. Dejection and lack of confidence are common among children today, due to the intense competition which they have to face.
Today Yoga is practiced all over the world for healthy life. Kerala Ayurveda Tour Packages provides certain yoga classes for children for their immunity and health development. Nilayoram Ayurvedic Resort provide excellent yoga classes for children.

Vir - asana - This helps to build more confidence in children.
Pranayam - This are breathing exercises that helps for mental relaxation and feel well refreshed throughout the day.
Simh - asana - this improves fearlessness and confidence in children.
Swastik - asana - This provide a feeling of security from all worldly emotional pains like exams, sadness due to a fight with a friend etc.
Trataka Karma - this enhances the concentration levels of children and also helps boost their memory power.
By practising this Yogasana excellent improvement can be seen.

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